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Painter's Signature: Featuring the personal touches of Filipino Painter Mathe Vizconde

Emotions, stories and inspirations overlapped by colors of art. The personal touch of a painter creates different impressions of painting, every stroke of their tool adds meaning to their work, every color provides different purpose and every painter has their own unique way of expressing themselves. Some painters like the our very own Mrs. Fernando Amorsolo who’s paintings depicts early representations of Filipina’s gathering food or working together and often paired with a warm color palette of choice by the painter or Mr. Ang Kuikok known for his expressive abstract-like geometric form of paintings depicting rabid dogs, crucifixions, and screaming figures.

Filipino Painters are unique in expressing themselves. They follow their own feelings and translate their thoughts to art. some painters are aligned with expressing their thoughts under pressure and some are not, some follows a path upon which they make progress that keeps them generating content and some tend to be patient and let their mind and body intertwined and create what they want to create, the art that a painter make is a part of them, materializing their visions, emotions, interpretations, and desires, it is a form of communication upon which the message is to be interpreted upon the preference of the audiences.
Photo courtesy to Mrs. Vizconde

Maria Teresa “Mathe” Vizconde

She began her path within the arts by designing garden accessories for an online business “The Artsy Planter”. She discovered painting with the help of her friend who inspires her to create her own paintings, and in May 2022 she finished her first painting. Her paintings contain beautiful flower gardens that express peace upon the audience, like providing a window to a paradise where flowers can bloom in peace.

Cover photo of The Artsy Planter courtesy to The Artsy Planter’s facebook page

Photo of materialized designs by Mathe Vizconde courtesy to The Artsy Planter’s Facebook Page

Photo of "UNO" courtesy to Mrs. Vizconde
The first painting made by Mrs. Vizconde

Photo of "The Path to Take" courtesy to Mrs. Viszconde 
The first commission with no request for additional details

Photo of "Watch The Flow" courtesy to Mrs. Vizconde

Photo of a painting by Mrs. Vizconde

Photo of "Mala Monet" courtesy to Mrs. Vizconde

Photo of "Hobbits House" courtesy to Mrs. Vizconde

Photo of "Cristina" courtesy to Mrs. Vizconde
Photo of a painting by Mrs. Vizconde

Photo of "Flowery Garden" courtesy to Mrs. Vizconde

The Signature

Mrs. Mathe Vizconde's style of painting is a form of impressionist paintings, she admires the works of the French painter Claude Monet the founder of impressionist painting known to paint nature as he perceives it. She also likes to add a touch of purple to her paintings that serves as a trademark and color palette base to her paintings. A glimpse to a paradise of flowery gardens is one of the great techniques by the hands of a talented painter.

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Written by Ramon Louis A. Mendoza
Ramon Louis A. Mendoza is a digital marketing intern of PS Media Enterprise and a third year college student pursuing Bachelor of arts in communication at Batangas State University Lipa Campus

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