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Made with Passion: Street Photography

Photo courtesy by Artist himself, Urich Calumpang

Made with Passion: Street Photography

Urich Calumpang, is a renowned street and documentary photographer, based in Dumaguete City Philippines. He is a master of shadow photography whose works have been recognized not only nationally but internationally, featured namely by The Negros Chronicle, Dumaguete MetroPost, The Freeman, The Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, CNN Philippines, and Newsweek Asia.

His works are heavily influenced by Alex Webb, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and David Alan Harvey, for complexity but vibrant photography and of Surrealism. As a documentarian himself, he aims to share his passion by teaching in universities and as a judge by numerous creatives events in Dumaguete City.

He is a university educator whose major influence on photography, photo/video journalism and a founding member of a university camera club.

Why street photography?

“It’s the serendipity of the unknown. It’s creating something out of nothing. Street photography is spontaneous, it’s meeting new people. It’s everything for me.”

How do you do it?

“You just immerse yourself with the people around you. Be one with your intuition, have an open heart, and an open mind. The rest will follow. Just click and capture, and most importantly enjoy what you’re doing.”

“as what magnum photos co-founder Robert Capa said, “If your photos aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” Just take that leap of faith and start shooting closer to people. Fear nothing as long as your intentions are pure.”

If you wish to find more about Urich Calumpang, follow him here on Instagram and Facebook

Written by: Lyca Taboada

Lyca Taboada is a digital marketing intern of PS Media Enterprise. She is a 3rd-year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student from Silliman University.

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