OBRA Incorporated is now OBRAA

OBRA Incorporated initially provided programs to the cultural development of underrepresented Filipinos on the grassroot level. The organization started as a community-based organization in the Philippines that produces events, films, stage plays and facilitated art workshops to remote communities when it was established in 2007.

The community organization evolved to a “tech non-profit” and has been providing various online platforms dedicated to the cultural development of overseas Filipinos. Media portals PinoyArtist.com, PinoyCalifornia.com and DancePinoy.com were developed to assist Filipinos outside the Philippines to become more digitally-minded as they embrace technology as part of their lives.

OBRA Incorporated continued to look into the future and helped people adjust to impending threats and build their capacity to be prepared. The management relocated to San Francisco, the world’s global center of technological innovation to continue its growth to serve underrepresented communities. Thus, OBRAA is born in year 2021.

The pandemic has affected the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. Asians and Pacific Islanders have been blamed on the ongoing COVID-19. The slander born of xenophobia and ignorance are the motivators behind the foundation of the Organization of Benevolent and Responsible Asians in America or simply known as OBRAA, the spiritual successor of OBRAA Incorporated.

The newly established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promotes social inclusion of AAPI minorities through cultural awareness. OBRAA provides quality and relevant wellness, lifestyle, culture and arts programs to US citizens and immigrants of Asian heritage regardless of their immigration status. The organization aims to be the linking bridge to provide opportunities for budding Asian-American youth and enhance their limitless artistic capabilities and utilize technology to advance grassroot programs serving Asians and Pacific Islander communities.

Our organization stands together with you today and everyday going forward with the general rise in hostility that serves as the tragedy’s backdrop is part of the nation’s long history of brutal bigotry against the AAPI population in California and the rest of the United States of America.

Feel free to visit our website at www.obraa.org.

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