Monday, January 6, 2014

A Productive Sunday

Waking up today was harder than I though. My body was aching from the previous day, but I still have to finish our shoot.

Today, Ate Nenen, a resident from Tacloban and also a Science teacher, was with us today to do some debriefing with the children from Barangay Cogon. Here are Aris and his friends participating in Ate Nenens activities.

While I documented the kids, Nash was doing his interview with Aris' father.

We want back to Palo for lunch, then briefly went to Cogon and San Joaquin to shoot some pick-ups.

After that, Ate Nenen accompanied Nash and I to Tacloban wherein we did interviews with the Adelantado family in Shipwreck City. Since Ate Nenen also speaks Waray (Leyte's native tongue), she was able to help us with the interviews.

As the end of the day dawned, we went back to San Joaquin to shoot a few more pick-ups.

Today was probably the most productive day we had. We were able to document all three of our case studies in one day. It was physically draining, but all the walking under the heat of the sun, getting dirty, and getting tan lines are worth it.

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