Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Day of Class; Last Day of Shoot

The sun hasn't risen yet when I woke up today. There was still a few more things to shoot, and today was the last day to get everything. Today was also the first day of classes.

When I arrived in Cogon, Aris and his friends were already up and ready to go to school. I then followed them to their school, Cogon Elementary School.

Most of the rooms were wrecked because of the typhoon. To temporarily house the students and their classes, a tent brought by Unicef and a make-shift classroom was built in the middle of the school grounds.

Nash left for Tacloban. He followed Jesus Jr. as he went to school, only to be greeted by evacuees who are still taking shelter within their school. It was a sad and inevitable sight. Next, he went to San Joaquin to document Gerald's first day of class.

After a short lunch break, I went to San Joaquin to follow-up on Gerald and also document Rex. However, Rex didn't feel like going to school just yet. He remained at home.

On the other hand, Nash went to Cogon and spent a few moments with Aris and his friends.

It was barely sunset when we wrapped up our shoot. My body is aching and my headache is throbbing as of this writing. Nevertheless, the whole experience was fulfilling and worth it.

We ended up with the despedida of our host, Fr. Bernie, as he will also be leaving for Manila.

Shooting has wrapped up and post-production is now next on the list. AJA!

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