Monday, August 1, 2011

Preparing for the Play: OBRA Inc Rehearsal and Photoshoot

Rain or shine, the three lead stars of Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? determined themselves to rehearse their lines and let their emotions come through purgation.

Director Jesie Barandino refreshes his actors on how they must portray the role of each character.

At the set for photoshoot, slick9 helps the lead actresses to internalize their role and let it flow as they pose for a series of snapshots.

During breaks from takes, the three lead actresses were interviewed by Publicity Staff Michelle Ann Rio on how they handle their roles.

Herna Ellistore plays the role of Filomena (Filice), a young woman who was forced to go abroad to support her child as she was suddenly abandoned by her boyfriend after impregnating her. She relates to the emotion of her character, although she is not in the same footing as Filice in real life. She says she would probably do the same if caught in a similar situation. Herna says that she is more prepared in acting the role out as she did more research on how OFWs in Dubai really do. On the acting part, she must learn how to cry without eating her words while delivering her lines. What to watch out for Herna this run would be on how she will subdue her emotion all throughout her scenes until the final part.

Uel Ceballos, plays the role of Josefina (Pinpin/Pia), a young carefree rural girl who was forced to work in a bar as a prostitute. Although Uel has not directly experienced being a prostitute, the character she plays has won her sympathy and admiration. Despite the hardships that Pinpin went through, she remained strong and at the end was able to move on. This makes it easy for her to internalize her role. Uel must learn to manifest this through her acting by being more aggressive and more comfortable with the role. What to watch out for Uel this run is how she would be more flirtatious as if she really is a well-experienced prostitute.

Juvie Dincol plays Rosalina (Yna), a young promising woman who married her boyfriend Gener, played by Archie Perucho, after getting pregnant by him. She faces the challenges of early marriage as well such as being the breadwinner of the family as well as her husband's womanizing. Lucky for Juvie, acting out as quirky and witty is almost natural as that's how she is in real life. The challenge comes in when she portrays Yna's character transformation as a married woman. Having received a lot of critics during the first run, Juvie is aimed at perfecting it this time with the help of her co-actor Archie. What to watch out for Juvie this run is how is how she will deliver the punch lines and also how she would act the difference between Yna's flashback as single and the present time as married.

Artistic Director Jesie Barandino is very much excited as this is the 2nd production of OBRA Inc. He hopes it to be a successful show. He expects all actors to learn from both positive and negative feedback as they rehearse and perform on the actual play. The audience must expect a bit of updates on jokes and other improvements to be able to stage a better show. As the director of the play, he expects that more people will be socially aware of issues that Filipinas all over the world encounter day by day.

Founding Director Nash Anggahan is positive about OBRA's re-run of Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? He expects his team to do more and improve from the first production. Although unable to personally facilitate meetings and rehearsals right now as he is abroad, Nash stays tuned via the internet and still gives advises and shows support to his team. He is confident that the production will turn out well.

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