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The BIG World of Miniature Art ft. Nhoda Muñoz

Nhoda Muñoz: Kapampangan Miniature Diorama Artist

Miniature art diorama is one of the things that some Filipinos are passionate about today. For those who don't know, miniature art diorama or miniature art is typically much smaller, with scale models and landscaping to create specific scenes or structures. Miniature art dioramas may be used to represent or replicate scenes from historic events, and also a scene in the life of a normal person.

One of the Filipinos who was fascinated by the beauty of the miniature art diorama is Nhoda Muñoz, a 28-year-old and Pampanga-based tattoo artist. Nhoda's creations are made of recycled and handcrafted materials, his approach to his works only comes from his imagination and life during childhood and because of this, he gives more life to the details in his works that many people admire

Photo Courtesy of Nhoda Muñoz

Nhoda’s life as an Artist

It was the year 2020, at the height of the pandemic when Nhoda discovered the miniature art diorama. Due to the long period of stay in his home like other Filipinos, he was given the opportunity to know this art. Miniature art is different from Nhoda's usual art of tattooing, the style of the two said arts is very different but Nhoda did not feel the struggle to learn the newly discovered art form. Due to the depression caused by the pandemic, he thought of doing this thing to save himself and escape from the dark phase of his life.

According to Nhoda, in order to know and learn the confusing process of making a miniature art diorama, he became obsessed with every piece he wanted to make. Even though this art form was new to him at the time, he showed no fear of making mistakes and continued to try things he had never done before.

Nhoda’s Inspiration in his arts

Nhoda has met many artists in his lifetime, but the only artist he respects and idolizes as a great creator, is the artist he has never seen but feels every day, and this is the Lord. For him, the talent and creation that God has given him are one of the reasons to continue creating works.

Miniature Art as Nhoda’s Passion and Lifesaver

Nhoda never really dreamed of becoming a miniature diorama artist, it just became one of his hobbies when the pandemic came in 2020. In December of the said year when he felt stressed due to the collapse of the industry he belongs to, which is tattooing. Nhoda felt very depressed at that time, he didn't know what was going on around him, but when he discovered making miniature art dioramas, it became his brain therapy, and later he was given a new purpose in life. 

Nhoda is currently super-blessed with what he receives because of the miniature art diorama. Because of this artform, many people admired and supported him, and more and more interested collectors wanted to buy his works, and it gave Nhoda's family a much better life.

Some of Nhoda Muñoz’ best artworks

If you want to check Nhoda’s artworks and other information about him, visit his various social media platforms indicated below: 

Tiktok - @Nhoda.m 
Instagram - @Nhoda.m 
Facebook - Nhoda's Crafts / Nhoda Munoz 
YouTube - Nhoda Muñoz

Written by: Jan Audrey Francisco

Jan Audrey Francisco is a Digital Marketing intern at PS Media Enterprise. He is a 4th-year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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