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Sculpting thy Passion: Alvin Tampus’ love for Sculpting

“I express myself in sculpture since I am not a poet.”
                                                                                                                                            - Aristide Maillol

Sculpting as an Art form

The sculpture is a three-dimensional piece of art created by combining and/or shaping materials, it is typically created from stone and clay before being cast in bronze to give it a very fresh new look. Being recognized as the Art of the People, Sculpture is a more potent form of expression than writing or painting because it can be felt, touched, and even has a greater emotional impact. Our attention can be easily caught by an intense visual impression when seen in a specific gallery, its immovable shape is brought to life in the eyes of someone who sees the elegance and perfection of this art form.

The Art of Sculpture, long before humans were able to write down history, started when individuals carved free-standing figures out of bones, rocks, and other indigenous materials. The sculpture was once recognized as a representational art before the arrival of the 20th century, but its definition has since been expanded to embrace non-representational forms. The invention of newer materials in conjunction with advanced technology has transformed the face of this historical art in the modern age. Today, contemporary sculpture is becoming more and more common, not in public settings like in any displays or exhibits, but also in some private homes. Some people even hire sculptors to produce modern works of art featuring themselves or their loved ones as a display in their personal spaces.

Notable Sculptors in History

There have been renowned sculptors who have stood the test of time throughout history. They were extremely praised for their capacity to produce amazingly realistic figures or for their willingness to challenge expectations and go against the boundaries. Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin, Brancusi, and Donatello – are just some of the names of the inventive thinkers who created some of the greatest sculptures in the history of arts. These talented artists who specialize in sculpture have the unique opportunity to manipulate materials that gave life to their famous subjects which later on, defied the expectations of their spectators. There is no doubt that the power of sculpture is beyond measure, whether it is created by carving marble, shaping clay, or casting bronze. Listed below are some of the most famous sculptors in history and their recognizable works.

Alvin Tampus: A Passionate Sculptor of Cebu

As time passes by, many people are getting more and more fascinated by sculpting; many treat this thing as their main hobby or a pastime activity, but for Alvin Tampus, a 34- year old realistic sculptor from Cebu City, it’s a way of telling his life and passion.

Alvin’s life as a Sculptor

Alvin Tampus’ sculpting life started when he first discovered carving at a very young age. According to him, he was exposed to the craft by his siblings and other family relatives, who happened to be furniture carvers, these people guided Alvin until he learned how to do the basics. Since it runs through his family’s blood, he started to do it by making it his first regular job. At first, everything didn’t go according to plan since Alvin struggled to work with it, he stated in our interview that this job needs so much patience and time to learn.

Sculpting really brought out the best in Alvin as he never stopped practicing to make himself better. He spent a very long period of time learning and improving his skills without running out of patience and perseverance. Many obstacles have come along Alvin’s way but he never backed down, he never gave up and took most of his time doing what makes him happy.

Even at a very young age, Alvin really looked up to some of the greatest sculptors in history in Michelangelo and Auguste Rodin. What really made Alvin fall in love with sculpting even deeper is the Lapu-Lapu shrine in Mactan, Cebu, which was designed by Juan Sajid Imao, one of the Philippines’ best sculptors.

Sculpture as Alvin’s Passion and Lifesaver

Alvin realized that Sculpting is really his passion way back when he was younger. As per Alvin, he really dreamed of being a sculptor and making a life-sized sculpture once he grow up. Having this as his passion, Alvin never let go of his dream to become a sculptor one day, he strived to make himself better and made this an inspiration to learn even deeper. Alvin really sees this craft being aligned with himself and his life, that he’s always felt empty and inadequate without this by his side.

Aside from being his undying passion, sculpting also became his lifesaver. Growing up without a proper education by stopping his studies when he was in elementary, this craft helped him a lot. He managed to get a job and business despite of him being an ordinary person that has no educational background. According to Alvin, sculpting is his life - sculpting is the one who’s making him alive and inspired.

Advice to all the Young and Aspiring Sculptors

“To all aspiring artists, let's always take the name of art into our hearts. Don't give up on life's challenges, always be strong. Let's use all of the critics' comments as an inspiration in our works to become better artists in this country. Always work hard and persevere in practicing your skill until you reach the top, and let's help all the newbies who are also dreaming in the world of art. “
                                                                                                                - Alvin Tampus (Translated into English)

Some of Alvin Tampus' best Artworks

If you wish to find out more about Alvin Tampus and his astounding sculptures, follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/alvin.tampus.16

Written by: Jan Audrey Francisco

Jan Audrey Francisco is a Digital Marketing intern at PS Media Enterprise. He is a 4th-year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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