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Kwentong Musika ft. Noel Bernaldo


Music as an Artform

Music is widely defined as the art of arranging a certain sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm, or expressive content. The creation of music is commonly divided into musical composition, musical improvisation, and musical performance. Music may also be performed or improvised using a vast range of instruments, including the human voice. Music often plays a key role in social activities, religious rituals, a rite of passage ceremonies, celebrations, and cultural activities. Writers, performers, sound engineers, producers, tour managers, and distributors of musical instruments, accessories, and sheet music all fall under the umbrella of the music industry. Music critics, music journalists, music experts, and amateurs alike review and appraise musical compositions, performances, and recordings.

Throughout the history of music, we have seen or heard some of the most famous and talented musicians who ever lived. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and others are among the musicians and songwriters who gave life to the world of music. Not only in other countries, the music industry has really boomed, but also here in the Philippines. Many genres have emerged and continue to flourish because of the love of Filipinos in this field. Lea Salonga, Regina Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, Bamboo, Ely Buendia, and other notable artists of the country are idolized by many not only for their international talent but also for their dedication to introducing Pinoy talent when it comes to music.

Noel Bernaldo: Bulacan-based Music Artist

Along with the rise of many Pinoy music artists in recent times, the number of people who love and enjoy it has also increased. One of the Filipinos who rode the wave of the country's music industry is Noel Bernaldo,a Bulacan-based teacher and musician. This DepED Master Teacher from San Jose del Monte City proved one of the living proofs that music is one of the most important things in the world.

Photo Courtesy of Noel Bernaldo

Noel’s Life as an Artist

At a very young age, Noel Bernaldo was already exposed to the music world. He was only in grade school when he discovered music, which he never thought would become a part of his life. Due to the influence of his older brothers, young Noel Bernaldo learned to sing, play musical instruments and write a song. At first, Noel didn't feel any struggle in learning it, for him, it was only natural that this talent came out of his body and it gave him more satisfaction and enjoyment in learning it.

According to a statement from Noel, in honing his knowledge and talent in music, he considered listening carefully to different genres and styles of music; and he opens his mind a lot to observe issues in society as a reference to his creations. Apart from this, Noel also mentioned that in order to improve even more, it is really necessary to practice hard and accept the challenges faced; always focus on art and always feel free to express your thoughts and what your heart says.With the help of these, Noel was given the ability to be more proficient in playing instruments, singing and in writing a song.

Noel’s Inspiration in his arts

From his childhood to growing up, Noel has listened to many musicians. Many of these gave him joy as he grew up, but only one band impressed him more and gave him purpose in this field, and this is The Beatles. Consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, this band showed Noel the true importance and meaning of music. This also inspired many of his song creations.

Photo Courtesy of

Music as Noel’s Passion

Noel discovered music as his passion in his youth. He experienced living alone and seemed to have no friends to keep him company. Only music saved him from being buried in the ground of sadness, music served as his beacon and friend when he needed someone to lean on. In those moments, the younger Noel found out that this was indeed his passion, a passion that would never leave him alone again.

Other than rescuing him in the sad phase of his youth, music also became material for him to find the support he longed for. Because of music, he gained the respect and love of the people around him, which is becoming more and more amazing every time he reaches the finals of the songwriting contests he participated in.

Noel Bernaldo's advice to young and aspiring artists

“Always do the art by your heart without any doubt. Be friendly and be kind to others. Let God work on you, You can’t do it by yourself but by FAITH and PRAYERS.”
                                                                                                                                              - Noel Bernaldo

Some photos and clips of Noel Bernaldo as an Artist

Noel Bernaldo at the famous Wish Bus. 
13th PMPC Star Awards for Music Nomination for Noel Bernaldo
Noel Bernaldo performing at Conspiracy Garden Cafe
Bandila ng Kawatan by Noel Bernaldo

Hinulog lang - Noel Bernaldo

If you want to check Noel Bernaldo’s artworks and other information about him, visit his Facebook page at

Written by: Jan Audrey Francisco

Jan Audrey Francisco is a Digital Marketing intern at PS Media Enterprise. He is a 4th-year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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