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Styro-Art: The Joseph Mendoza Story

Styrofoam - we definitely love it as a material for making some projects and works. It is also helpful as a substance for all the things that will benefit us such as insulations, packaging, and even life protections; but, we do also hate it as it won’t decompose and it causes hazardous toxic like it’s harming nature, as well as the people.

For artists, styrofoam is a great component for making an Artwork, because it is delightfully tactile, visually appealing, lightweight and easy to cut. One project that is straightforward, enjoyable, informative, and capable of yielding stunning results is called "Styro Sculpture." Styro Sculpture is a type of art that deals with the making and carving of Polystyrene to make different kinds of forms and structures. It is ideal and perfect for producing some massive and astonishing works of art and it also provides all the viewers a memorable first impression when displayed at a certain place or event.

Some famous Styro Sculptors

Styro Sculpture is one of the most creative ways of turning rubbish into artwork and it is proven by some of the bests and brightest artists in the world today. With their wide range of craftsmanship and love for the art, Tara Donovan, Aden Hynes, Jean DeBuffet, and Kwangho Lee did all their bests to turn these used and trashed household materials from being hazardous toxic to nature, into art that most people would love to see.

Joseph Mendoza: Viral Artist from Concepcion Tarlac

Alongside some of the best artists that are existing in the world right now, comes Joseph Mendoza, a 50- year old Tarlaqueño sculptor and styro artist that had gone viral because of his artworks. Working with his good friend, Allan Nicdao Pangilinan, they did some gigantic artwork for famous TV shows like Stranger Things and The House of the Dragon. 

Early life as a Styro Artist

Joseph first discovered this form of Artwork back in 2011 when he was still a Creative Artist, he went to become a full-time sculptor in 2015 when he started to work in a fiberglass company.

Joseph stated in our interview that at first, no one really taught him how to do sculpting, he just took his own lesson by watching some styro and clay sculpting video tutorials on YouTube. He struggled on trying his first masterpiece because there is no one in their village who can train him in doing the art. He literally started at zero before he started to do this by himself until he finally learned and made his first produced artworks that were inspired by some comic book characters. He said that perseverance, dedication, and past learnings helped him a lot in mastering the fundamentals of Styro Sculpture.

Joseph’s easy techniques in making a jaw-dropping Artwork

Joseph’s techniques, when it comes to making his artworks, are not too technical and just easy to understand. He mentioned that his routine came from his past experiences working in an animation company where he learned all of these things. Some of the techniques are: First is to start by studying how and what to carve in your design. Second is the way of blocking, cutting, and detailing a certain design. He stated that when you block, cut or put detail on the artwork, you must first do the face, then the body, hands, and feet. For the third and last technique, you just have to use some easy-to-find tools such as hotwire, knives, sandpaper, and steel brush. With these techniques, you can easily learn how to do it by yourself and make your first masterpiece.

Styro Sculpting as a Passion and Lifesaver

When Joseph was a kid, he really aspired to become a comic illustrator and animator, but when the comic industry in the Philippines started to collapse, he realized he was not destined to be one. Joseph really had his bad times but everything changed when he worked as a creative artist back in 2011. There, he started to learn styro sculpture and for the first time in his life, he fell in love with the craft. He continued making some of the best artworks of his favorite comic book characters as if they were those toys that he didn’t have in his childhood. He always realizes that this really is his passion every time he sees his amazing finished artworks being loved and admired by everyone.

Aside from having this Art as his burning passion, it also has significance in his family life. Being a styro sculptor has always been helping him and his family since the day he made it as a business; he got to buy a new cellphone, and he also managed to provide some assistance to his parents, allowance to his children, payments for water, electricity and internet bills, and even starting a new business with a small sari-sari store. This really made them live their life to the fullest unlike before when Joseph was still working in a company and earning a minimum wage, which is not enough for his family. Styro Sculpting really made a mark in their personal lives.

Advice to younger and aspiring artists

Joseph’s advice to all the young and aspiring artists is to first, bet on yourself. If others can do it, you can do it better, as long as you love doing your thing. Second, if you know someone who’s into the same passion as you, don’t hesitate to ask for some advice that will help you achieve your goal; And for the third one, don’t give up on your dreams. If you’re tired of this world, tired of everything that’s happening around you, you can rest but you can’t walk back. You just have to keep moving forward until you reach your destination, which is towards success.

Joseph Mendoza’s other works

Joseph Mendoza really is a man of dreams and passion. With his dedication and perseverance in his craft, we all had the chance to see some of his best and viral artworks. Here are some of his masterpieces that will leave you in awe.

If you wish to find out more about Joseph Mendoza and his jaw-dropping Artworks, follow him on Facebook via Joseph Mendoza/

Written by: Jan Audrey Francisco

Jan Audrey Francisco is a Digital Marketing intern at PS Media Enterprise. He is a 4th-year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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