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Made with Passion: Passion Driven Business

Passion Drives Business to Success

“Photography was only a side job when I was studying at the university, an extra income to help myself.” Christopher said. A licensed professional teacher with a heart for art, a self-taught master of photography and videography major in artistry. Residing in the southern part of Cebu Philippines.

The love for artistry in screen started off from borrowing a university camera, only to promote the school. Events to events he was a one-man team in editing and publishing until he was allowed to bring the camera with him outside school campus. Chris would attend public events like Kasalan ng bayan, fiestas and one of the grandest festivals in Cebu City the Sinulog Festival. Still an amateur in Photography, he was tagging along to what he felt so natural for him, creativity, art, a piece of time in a frame. It was only then that he discovered it was possible for him to make business out of what he loves.

Photo courtesy by SouthSide Studios

Identifying Passion

Christopher was a self-taught photographer and videographer. Relying only to what he learns from YouTube videos, he started renting the university camera after graduating college and began his journey as a freelance photographer. From a one-man team to a team of three, only with his close friends, he started his business. A self-made boss. Though he took a year off and didn’t get into board exam.

“It takes time to find what you really want in life, shortcuts aren’t necessary, you will find yourself standing doing what you really love most, and I found mine through the lenses.”

Photo courtesy by SouthSide Studios

SouthSide Studios, named after where he resides in Cebu. A business made possible and driven by passion is what he calls his success. Chris, now a content director of some Cebu based vloggers has now a video production team under the business he has worked hard for. Provided with his own complete gears and a studio he owns. With big opportunities ahead of him, he has made his name known in the industry which led him to working in partnership with Joseph Sabello aka “Rich Isog or Ungart” a Cebu based comedian vlogger, Al Moralde “Conyo rich kid”, Chris has worked with Jojo Bragais, a young Filipino designer entrepreneur, an official partner of the Miss Universe Orginzation, and with many other big events coordinators in Cebu.

A Passion driven team is Contagious

With the persistency and passion, Chris as the head of the team makes a passionate team. His belief in their vision has made a strong team. It is important to each one of the members to believe and be passionate about what they do, as they are involved in the company’s vision, a foundation of a strong business.

There were no regrets for not taking the board exam after graduating college. His passion pulled him hard enough that it was a slingshot to the peak of his success only behind the lenses. He took the board exam only after a year and passed, though he didn’t pursue teaching, he continued his journey with his creativity. Passion drives you and is what keeps you going despite what difficulty your business will inevitably come across.

Inquiries and information will be on Christopher's Page, see more of his work and follow him here on Facebook.

Mr. Tourism Yves Campos, Jojo Bragais, Chris

Joseph Sabello, Chris & Southside Team
Photo courtesy by Southside Studios

"Shot and edited by Chris"
Photo courtesy by SouthSide Studios

Photo courtesy by SouthSide Studios

Photo courtesy by SouthSide Studios

Written by: Lyca Taboada
Lyca Taboada is a digital marketing intern of PS Media Enterprise. She is a 3rd-year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student from Silliman University.

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