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Local Cebuana Paper Quilling Artist

(Photo courtesy Kenroo Almonicar)
Quilling is an art of coiling paper strips to create a certain detailed design. This method of rolling paper has existed hundreds of years ago and has become a pastime for young ladies in the west back in the 18th and 19th century. The practice of quilling has spread across several countries such as England to the United States and rarely to have brought in the eastern part of the world. It was considered a “proper pastime” for young women. The embroidery was then taught in schools for the ladies’ leisure.

Paper as the most powerful tool in the name of creativity not only a place for effortless sketches but can be folded and sculpted into three-dimensional masterpiece. Quilling had its renaissance and artists have rediscovered the art of paper coiling into a different innovative perspective including realistic animal portraiture and Impressionist-style compositions. It has been used in many traditional ways, but like Libeth Paracuelles, a Local Cebuana artist she has used this medium into creating her own 3D masterpiece.

She has given the quilling of paper a modern twist. As an artist, she started in a rough path. Libeth as a child was not fortunate of toys. Her parents would sometime not let her go out to play and so the television was her companion whenever she is bored staying at home.

The television was a way for her to enjoy the remaining hours of the day. She wanted toys as what a kid would want. At a young age, knowing she was limited with things made her appreciate what she had like pencils and papers. With those primary tools for art she was able to draw characters from cartoon movies.

With her basic tools she was able to sketch detailed characters, giving emphasis on each curve as if giving it life. With the influence of her younger brother who loves drawing, Libeth has gathered enough inspiration to keep her work up.

“I wanted more than just a flat paper, I wanted to feel it, I wanted to hold it, I wanted more than what I could do but I didn’t know how,” she said as she was experiencing Artists Block where her motivation-well has gone dry, “Until one day I just scrolled over an article on facebook about origamis,” origamis was her first 3D art, “folding different types of animals and flowers was fun but folding was too much for me, and the construction of designs were limited, I couldn’t do anything past the existing designs, I wanted more than paper cranes and paper roses.”

She came over the article of Paper Quilling that caught her attention. With only paper, glue, a needle, and designs out of her imagination she started copying the method and eventually made her first piece out of paper strips. According to her, “It was like I was slowly giving it life!”

First, she cuts strips of paper no bigger than a centimeter in size and no limitation of how long it would be. Second, she prepares the glue and an old paint brush, she starts by making the base of a certain design she chose. According to Libeth, “The possibility of designs was endless, I could do whatever I wanted with it” and with the needle she coils paper from the smallest size to no matter how big she wants it to be. Paper is a light material alone, but with ample amount it makes the parchment firmer.

She rolls more paper around the needle tool, and to keep the coiled paper tight and firm. With only paper and glue, she was able to make the base of her action figure, a stand making her way from the bottom to top. Until she was able to finish one figure. A boy made out of coiled paper.

Amazed by the extraordinary visual impact it could produce it was only then that she figured that it was an absolute find of such masterpiece. “I gave it life,” she said with full of satisfaction of what she had done.

She displayed most of her designs through an art exhibition in Cebu City, the Cebu Design Week 2019 where she got known in the world of art along with different artists who joined the exhibit.

Libeth Paracuelles is an Artist living in the province of Malhiao, Cebu. She sculpts action figures and creates three-dimensional version of paintings from renowned artist.

Here are more of Libeths' exquisite paper quilling art, to keep up to date with her latest creations follow her on Facebook and YouTube for video tutorials.

Artist: Libeth Paracuelles
(Photo courtesy Kenroo Almonicar)

Replica of Van Gogh's "Starry Night"
(Photo courtesy Kenroo Almonicar)

Succulent Souvenirs
(Photo courtesy Li's Paper Quilling)

Gundam Action Figure
(Photo courtesy Kenroo Almonicar)

Doll in Filipina Gown
(Photo courtesy Kenroo Almonicar)

Mobile Legends inspired Action Figures
(Photo courtesy Kenroo Almonicar)

Plantita Miniature
(Photo courtesy Kenroo Almonicar)

Daisy Doll
(Photo courtesy Kurt Travels)

Kiki Doll
(Photo courtesy Kurt Travels)

Written by: Lyca Taboada
Lyca Taboada is a digital marketing intern of PS Media Enterprise. She is a 3rd-year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student from Silliman University.

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