Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Donate a Mask to Children of Taal Volcano Eruption Victims

In times like this, how hard would it be to survive in this environment? JOSIAH ZION FOUNDATION, INC, and OBRA INCORPORATED are doing fundraising effort to reach-out the TAAL Volcano Eruption Victims through your valuable help which is the very thing they really need now to move on in this kind on life's challenges.

With any kind of amount, we can buy masks and other necessities needed to the children and their families. Kindly visit and donate though our GoFundMe campaign: 

Your donation will help every victim survive and move forward in their lives and any donation will help make a huge impact in their future.

This humanitarian mission is a joint effort of JOSIAH ZION FOUNDATION, INC and OBRA INCORPORATED.

The JOSIAH ZION FOUNDATION, INC is a Nonprofit Organization in Los Angeles California USA, with the mission of helping our less fortunate fellow Filipinos who were victims of these natural calamities, those who have lack of resources, parents and family members who cannot afford medical and dental assistance and medical services.

The OBRA INCORPORATED, is a non-profit Filipino cultural organization that provides functional use of the arts in the modern society. It also established online communities that uplifts cultural development to overseas Filipinos.

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