Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day of Turnover

Happy New Year! I'm Ronnie Gamboa Jr. I will be replacing Victor until the end of our shoot here in Leyte. 

With the remaining time he had, Victor and I followed the Duque kids selling their collected scrap metals the morning I arrived. At the same time I was briefed with regards to the situation of our case studies.

Meanwhile, Nash followed Manong Pete process his dead daughter's remaining/uncollected salary.

We all met back at Palo, where Victor bid farewell and handed down all the pressure-inducing duties that I have to accomplish.

After lunch, Nash and I went to San Joaquin and was introduced to the Lacandazo survivors. We interviewed the until sunset.

What I was briefed with today was a lot to take in, but it wasn't a pretty bad first day. I look forward to the next few days of documenting these families.

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