Sunday, September 11, 2011

Phases of a Woman: The Third Staging of Filipina...Bakit Ikaw?

A critically-acclaimed third run highlighted OBRA Inc.'s Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? production. From the set to the technicals, costumes and acting, everything went well. The audience were very much receptive which made it easier for them to go deeper than the punch lines and grasp the message of the play.

Felice, Pin-pin and Yna all went through the phases of being a woman, not to mention the challenges that comes through in life which tested their determination to be strong and eventually reach the fullness of womanhood.


From her dreams of becoming a doctor someday to her unwanted pregnancy and abortion attempt, Felice flew to Saudi Arabia to work as a domestic helper. Having been beaten up by her employers and experiencing the injustice of being behind bars without any support from the Philippine Embassy, Felice strives to carry on for her family especially her child who has cerebral palsy due to her attempted abortion during the early stages of her pregnancy.


From a very naive girl, Pinpin transformed to a vixen working in a night club as she was sold by her very own uncle for payment of his debts. As she tries to accept her situation, another tragedy befell upon her as she was forced into sex by Ruben, one of her fellow male prostitute in front of many people on stage. After meeting John, a customer who takes her out but never went to bed with her, Pinpin finds it in herself to learn how to respect herself and leaves the club. Yet, her struggle continues as she discovers that she has HIV.


Pregnant out of wedlock, carefree and young-spirited Yna elopes with boyfriend Hener. She
realizes how challenging it is to stay true to a commitment particularly in marriage. She's the one who works for the family, even the expenses of Hener's family is on her. Even if she's pregnant she works in a graveyard shift for a call center. Her suspicions of Hener womanizing was proven when she saw the two of them at their own house. This was the ultimate test of their marriage, still both Yna and Hener reconciled and strived to work things out.



Herna Estillore -------------------------------------------------------Filomena (Felice)
Racquel Ceballos ------------------------------------------------------Josefina (Pinpin)
Juvelyn Dincol -----------------------------------------------------------Rosalina (Yna)
Archipus Jun Perucho-------------------------------------------------------------Gener
Romel Marfa---------------------------------------------------------------------Ruben

Contemporary Dancers------------------------------Allan Sandoval and Kristine Tongson


Writer-------------------------------------------------------------OBRA Pool of Writers
Director------------------------------------------------------------------Jesie Barandino
Production Manager-------------------------------------------------------Juvelyn Dincol
Marketing Head----------------------------------------------------Archipus Jun Perucho
Publicity and Media Relations Head--------------------------------------Michelle Ann Rio
Stage Manager/Sponsorship Head---------------------------------------Kristine Tongson
Asst. Stage Manager------------------------------------------------------Virginia Castillo
Technical Directors---------------------------------------Romel Marfa and Marcel Javier
Production Design---------------------------------------------------------Allan Sandoval
Photographer-------------------------------------------------------------Nash Anggahan


Thank you to our media partners and special guests:

1. Zeny, Indiana and Ramona Handang

2. Eleanor Cura and Josie Torre la Vega of National Commission on Pupulation
3. Jeman Villanueva and Marjorie Pineda of Orange Magazine TV

4. Radyo Uno DZME 1530

5. Philippine Starweek

6. The Hiphop in Her


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