Monday, September 12, 2011

OBRA Inc. Cast and Crew Interviewed by Slick9 on Filipina...Bakit Ikaw?

OBRA Inc. presents Filipina... Bakit Ikaw?

Director Jesie Barandino * Marketing Head/Actor Archie Perucho

Production Manager/Actress Juvelyn Dincol * Stage Manager/Dancer Kristine Tongson

Interviewed by Slick9 on the Aug. 20 run were the cast and crew of Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? on what the message they wish to convey through the play.

Watch the video:

Interviewed were (in order of appearance):

Jesie Barandino - Director

Uel Ceballos - played as Pinpin/OBRA Marketing Head

Archie Perucho - played as Hener/Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? Marketing Head

Juvie Dincol - played as Yna/Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? Production Manager

Herna Estillore - played as Felice

Michelle Rio - OBRA Inc. Publicity and Media Relations

Kristine Tongson - played as one of the dancers in Felice's part/Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? Stage Manager/OBRA Inc. Sponsorship Head

Romel Marfa - played as Ruben/Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? Technical Director

**In group scene:

Virgie Castillo - Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? Assistant Stage Manager

Nash Anggahan (via skype) - OBRA Inc. Founding Director


Domestic helper, a prostitute, and a call center agent.

Three characters were interwoven to see the fight of three different individuals. Three Filipino women who have different lives but all experienced same hardships and struggles fighting to have equal treatment from their home and the society -- as an individual and as a woman.

Filice, a domestic helper and a mother who ventured an opportunity abroad just to give life and support financially her physically and mentally-illed child but only to find out the she was about to face the greatest struggle of her life.

Pin-Pin, once had that simple and almost perfect life in the barrio not until her uncle and by some twist of fate brought her to the dirty world of "prostitution". She now recounts her life as a prostite and sex slave and later on having a disease that is incurable.

Yna, finds herself working in a call center to support her financial needs now that she's bearing a child and her husband's income as a taxi driver isn't just enough for them. She now juggles the hardsips of both her married and career life.

Modern -- day Filipino women play more decisive roles in the family and in the society. The Philippines is a nation of strong women, they run the business realm and given the same opportunities as to their male counterparts, they are the family's treasurer -- sending the children to school, they are dedicated to work, thus more opportunities are entrusted to them -- talking about women empowerment and the roles of the modern Pinay in the society.

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