Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Love changes a Woman: Filipina...Bakit Ikaw? on its Third Run

"Ganyan talaga ang pag-ibig, binabago ka..."
(That's how love is...it will change you) YNA, Filipina...Bakit Ikaw?, 2011

(L-R) Felice, Yna and Pinpin, three women bound to be made
stronger as they face trials in life through love.


Domestic helper Felice withstands all maltreatment she gets from her employers in Saudi Arabia so she may come home and have her child whose suffering from cerebral palsy medicated immediately. Though misfortune befell on Felice as she got to be imprisoned, her love for the child prevailed. This love strengthened her to carry on and believe that there is still hope in her seemingly devastating situation.


Prostitute Pia (Pinpin) was forcibly separated from her family and drawn from the rural outskirts to work in one of Manila's night clubs. Growing up alone, her innocence fades away as she slowly embraces life at the club thinking that she will get used to it. Though she eventually left the club to renew herself, she has now been mortally bound by a fatal sexually-transmitted disease. Still, she manages to walk with head up high as her love and respect for herself despite her past and current disease pushes her to move on.


Call Center Agent Yna, transforms from a fun-loving and carefree girl to a full-blown woman as she gets into married life with Hener. She experiences the trials brought into the family and almost gave up. Yet, she chose to downplay her pride and stand by her commitment in marriage and the family that they are about to have.

Now on its third run, OBRA Incorporated presents Filipina...Bakit Ikaw?

September 10 (Saturday), 3 pm at CAP Auditorium
(7/F College Assurance Plans Bldg., 126 Amorsolo St., Makati City).

Ticket price is P150. For inquiries, call or text Mitch at 0918-5123600.

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