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OBRA Incorporated Members of 2011

Nash Ang

Nash is just an ordinary young boy with a simple dream until he was exposed to thediversity of culture and arts. As an Ani ng Dangal 2011 awardee, he now develops his abilities as a filmmaker, dance artist and a youth leader relying on observation, research, imagination, and creativity, instead of timeworn routine and formula. Some of the film works topped award giving bodies like "Pasan (Pa Saan?)" in the 19th Catholic Mass Media Awards, “iskWATER” at the SEADocs International Science Film Festival 2010 Thailand. He is the Grand Prize winner of the ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition 2010 held i n Seoul, South Korea and the 1st prize winner of Asian Development Bank's My View International Video Competition 2011. He is also cited as the Best Film Artist Achiever and Culture and Arts Advocate on 19th Asia Pacific Excellence Award. As a humble son of GOD, he aims to be a student and not to be ideal. Because being “perfect” means no inward wisdom ahead.

Jesie Barandino

Jesie has been into theater since his college years. He started as a member in an independent theater organization at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and led the group during his senior year. H e has spent 4 years in theater while he was studying but his advocacy and thirst into theater didn't stop after he graduated as he continue to showcase his skills as a theater actor, a stage manager, a production manager and a director in several theater plays. He is currently working in a call center company as a sales support analyst but his passion towards ARTS let him work as the Artistic director of OBRA Inc.. He was the dire ctor as well as the production manager of the play "DALAWAHAN" and the director of the recently concluded project of OBRA, "Filipina... Bakit Ikaw?".

Herna Estillore

"Do What you love, Love what you do." Herna is currently working as a processing exec utive in an international bank, a profession she learned to love along the way but didn't stop her from doing what she loved the most, ARTS. Herna's first love is acting, where she started to receive acting awards on high school. Her passion for acting brought her to Theater in college that showed her she can do more. Herna's passion for acting was challenged on numerous stage plays as she became a member of an independent theater organization in PUP, Tanghalang Hulyo Beinte Tres Ink.,where she learned that Arts is not just acting. She learned to express herself through the art of dancing and singing. As former, Secretary General and Documentatiom head, theater thought her discipline and hardwork. Aside from acting onstage, she already handled several major productions as Head Stage Manager, Scriptwriter and Director. It is never easy to do multi tasking or to have two 'jobs' at the same time but as long as you're happy and you love what your doing, nothing and no one can stop you.

Romel Marfa

Romel's passion for theater started way back in highschool. He was involved in numerous theater plays and dominated the theater world by bagging mutliple Best Act or Awards during his stint. He pursue theater by joining one of the elite independent theater organization at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Continuing his pas sion to be the best in terms of acting was once again proven when he was recognized as SIKAT AWARDS' Best Actor of 2009 for the play 'Luminaria' which likewise won the BE ST PLAY category for the Drama and Theater Arts Course. He also handled backstage duties such as Over-all Stage Manager for "Gabay sa Kinabukasan" and Technical Director for "2han". After leaving school, Romel in devotion to pursue theater, while embarkin g a career i n Call Center Industry, he is at the same time the Training Head of O bra, Inc. a non‐stock Cultural Association. As an actor, Romel is compelled by thoughtful, nuanced theatre in varied aesthetics and firmly believes in the transformative power of theatre--as a social, political, emotional, and humanistic force.

Raquel Ceballos

With her great passion for arts, Uel Ceballos has gone to job as stage actress, dance performer, host and also behind the limelight worker as stage manager, project producer and scriptwriter. Nurturing a career that is customized to her talents – this dreamer hails from Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Uel first discovered her love for arts and advocacies when she joined Tanghalang Hulyo Beinte Tres, Ink,an independent Theater organization devoted in staging remarkable Dance and Musical theatrical productions. Her most recent projects include THBTI’s “2han-Dalawang Mukha ng Kalayaan at Karapatan” where she performed a major role and OBRA, Inc.’s “Filipina…Bakit Ikaw” where she was one of the writers and lead actresses. She has also become a scholar of Douglas Nierras Powerdance and has performed for theatrical plays, “Ang Huling Balasing” and “Titser ng Bayan”. With so much under her belt and the grace to manage everything, Uel doesn’t intend to neglect either of her day job in a Distributors Company as Ads & Promo Specialist or her work in OBRA, Inc. as Marketing Head. She stays motivated about work by engaging to different projects that keep her creatively-enthused. From stage play concept and script making, she is now venturing to write for short film as OBRA Inc. looks forward to its upcoming film projects. Uel truly loves what she’s doing and she plans to stay in the industry as long as she can. She loves it too much!

Kristine Tongson

Kristine started her theater career when she joined Polytechnic University of the Philippines' most dynamic theater organization, the Tanghalang Hulyo Beinte-Tres, Ink. during her 4 years in college. She was involved in various theater plays as an actress and as a production staff. To name a few, she played Mutya in the musical-dance drama play "Ang Huling Balasing", she was also part as a dancer in the dance drama play "Bonifacio", and as the over-all Stage Manager of the recently launched ''Filipina.. Bakit Ikaw?" . Currently, she is working on in a magazine publication company as a Media Assistant, but the thirst and hunger for art just keeps on burning. This led her to be a scholar of Centro de Danza Flamenca pioneered by the famous Ms. Clara Ramona which made her appreciate Flamenco and all in its form. She was also a former scholar of Douglas Nierras Powerdance and Dancing Wounded Contemporary Dance Commune. The trainings and workshops she had, whether in dance or acting, made her realize that for a serious artist to grow, one should never stop working. Always be open to accept new ideas, and that learning is a never ending process.

Juvelyn Dincol

Archipus Jun Perucho

Darnel Sandoval

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